It's scary movie season, and you might be surprised by how close some of the scariest movies are to the place you call home right here at the Jersey Shore.

Some of the most chilling and scariest movies have roots, or at least some connection, to New Jersey, and even places right here in Monmouth & Ocean Counties. We thought now would be as good a time as any to share them with you.

Amityville Horror. We all know that the movie Amityville Horror was set in, well, Amityville. Clever how they got the name in there right? But it wasn't filmed there. The house that is featured in Amityville Horror was actually right here in the Garden State.

As a matter of fact, the exterior house shots from Amityville Horror were actually of a house in Toms River at 18 Brooks Rd to be exact, according to WOBM FM..  There was also some filming in Point Pleasant.That's a little too close for me.

Friday the 13th. Scenes were filmed in 4 New Jersey towns. And one of those towns was a little place called Turkey Swamp Park in Freehold, according to Fast Rewind. You may have heard of it.

War of the Worlds. The radio classic was set in the Garden State, but the connection doesn't end there. The Tom Cruise movie had scenes filmed in a handful of New Jersey towns, including Howell, on Canterbury Way to be exact, according to

It looks like some horror, or at least scary movie, are a little too close to our quiet corner of the world than we thought! Toms River, Howell and Freehold, consider yourself informed, and keep your eyes peeled for some very familiar places in your next scary movie.

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