Father’s Day means different things at different stages of your life.

When you are young it’s all about your father and trying to do something nice for him.  It might be making a special card or buying a small gift which actually your mother bought because you didn’t have any money.  However you’re as excited to give the gift as Dad is to receive it.

Then you get to your teen age years where often it’s the day before and you’re scrambling for a gift and a card which you do partly out of obligation. Of course you still love the guy but when you’re a teenager your more focused on yourself.

Then as you get older and enter adulthood you come to that point where you truly appreciate having Dad in your life and once again get excited about finding a gift which shows how you feel.

Kevin with his daughterAlex and son Brandon
Kevin with his daughterAlex and son Brandon (Townsquare Media NJ)

It’s around that time when you might become a father yourself so the day takes on a different meaning because now you are the receiver as well as the giver.  This stage can go on for many years but at some point it takes another turn because your father passes on and while you enjoy the attention of it being YOUR day you miss sharing it with the man you once made cards with crayons for.

Like many of you I have gotten to that stage in my life and for the past few years all I wanted for Father’s Day was to spend it at the beach and have my children with me.  However life took another turn just over a week ago when my son became a father so instead of sitting on the beach Sunday we traveled to Hoboken to celebrate Brandon’s first Father’s Day.

Of course that means it was my first as a grandfather and to be honest holding Carter in my arms was the best present I could receive although a close second was the old-school Grog’s Surf Palace sweatshirt my daughter Alex got me.  Spectacular!

Grog’s Surf Palace sweatshirt
Grog’s Surf Palace sweatshirt (Townsquare Media NJ)



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