We often hear about the best beach towns to visit during the summer and ones to vacation at, but what about living in these beach towns year-round? What are the best beach towns in America to live in?



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Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels



According to Stacker, one New Jersey beach town made their list of the best beach towns in America to "live" in. Coming in at #47 in the nation is the sole New Jersey town, Ocean City. The Cape May County town made Stackers' Top 50 Best Beach Towns to Live In" for 2022. Here is how Ocean City Scored.


  • Total score: 52.2
  • Affordability rank: #113
  • Weather rank: #112
  • Safety rank: #20
  • Economy rank: #71
  • Education & health rank: #106
  • Quality of life rank: #24


According to Stacker "Ocean City offers its residents many opportunities to stay entertained, active, and involved in the community. The town boasts myriad local organizations from an arts center to sailing group, miles of bike paths, a bustling board walk, and year-round calendar of events."



Google Maps
Google Maps



We have visited Ocean City numerous times. Years ago my Sister-In-Law Stacy and her Husband had an apartment there and April and I would go and spend weekends in Ocean City, it was fantastic. The boardwalk in Ocean City is one of the best in New Jersey. There are plenty of restaurants in Ocean City, keep in mind Ocean City is a "dry" town and there are no liquor stores on the island.

I've included a photo gallery of pics from Ocean City for you to take a look through and next time your looking for a new place to visit put Ocean City on your list.


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