While shamelessly scrolling through TikTok a few nights ago, I stumbled upon an account called @the_bagel_nook. The page left me, the bagel obsessed New Jersyean drooling within seconds, and as I clicked on the profile to view more, I made a great realization. Not only is The Bagel Nook located in New Jersey, but there are two locations: One in Princeton and one in Freehold. Yay.

The Bagel Nook has the most wild bagels I have ever laid eyes on—by far. Their menu has over 30 bagels, many of which are the classics such as plain, egg and everything, but then you have the ones that make you double check to make sure you didn’t misread the menu. A flaming hot cheeto flavored bagel? You heard that right. There’s also oreo, captain crunch, fruity pebbles, coco puff, cinnamon toast crunch, tie dye, and dorito.

The craziness does not stop there, however, as The Bagel Nook menu has its own section dedicated to its selection of unique cream cheeses in addition to their normal spreads. A few that caught my eye were fudge brownie, oreo, coffee and peanut butter swirl but the options are limitless. And for my indecisive foodies, The Bagel Nook has already created bagel combinations called “overloads” in case you cannot make a decision on what to order.

And in case you weren’t overwhelmed enough, the Bagel Nook has an even bigger menu of sandwiches, wraps, pancakes and french toast to choose from. You can view it all on their social media pages as well as their website, as you definitely don’t want to skip out on a chance to try these bagels. At least I know I don’t.

The post above reflects the thoughts and observations of New Jersey 101.5 talk show host Judi Franco. Any opinions expressed are Judi's own.

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