This house is gorgeous that's for sale in Brick, but it's the staircase that get's me all excited.

I know, I know you're probably thinking look at that kitchen, it's a beautiful home, no doubt. But, it's the staircase that totally has me looking at this house. I love houses with curvy staircases, click here for more information on this house.

Before radio, I was an interior designer and when I was in art school, I loved drawing the staircases. My very last project to graduate, the house I drew had three curvy staircases throughout the house and I remember my teacher saying, "Why?" I said, "Why not." He said, "Awesome." Man, I wish I could find the pictures of my last pictures I drew, but of course, I have no idea where they are. That was over 25 years ago.

This house that's for sale in Brick is a giant "dreamy" home and that staircase makes the magic happen. Funny thing, I live in a ranch home (LOL).

The house is at 188 Manorside Drive in Brick is for sale for $1,249,900, according to This house is contigent, which means the owner has accepted an initial offer with certain conditions being met.

It has an open floor plan, a chef's kitchen, a master bedroom and master bath with heated floors. Don't forget the "dreamy" staircase. It has three additional bedrooms, two guest rooms, four bathrooms, a heated in-ground pool, boat lift, and that "dream" staircase. This house is on the water.

Sue Moll
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