When we talk about real "Jersey" flavor, I think we have to include pizza, seafood, Jersey tomato, and corn. Another thing I think we need to add to the list is "diner food".


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The New Jersey "diner" is the original and it's what diners around the nation inspire to be. We have great diners right here at the Shore and around the State. It's no wonder when Tasting Table came out with their list of best diners in America, that one from New Jersey would be on the list. Only surprise is that there is not more lol I definately think we could of had a few that made this list, but maybe they wanted to make it fair to other portions of the country.

In this latest article, Bendix Diner in Hasbrouck Heights. If It Looks familiar it may be because you may have seen it in some movies. According to Tasting Table the 1995 movie "Boys on the Side" was filmed at the Bendix Diner, also the movie "The Many Saints of Newark," which is a prequel to "The Sopranos," used the Bendix Diner as a part of the set.



One important part of Bendix Diner is their Manager John Diakakis, "the blind waiter who will take your order, deliver your meal, and give you his stand-up comedy routine."  There is even a short film feature that introduces John and the Bendix Diner.



So next time you are in Bergen County, take a lunch break and hit the Bendix Diner and be a part of real "Jersey" taste. If you do post your comments and reviews and be sure to dine local and hit our great diners right here at the Jersey Shore.


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