Asbury Park was just crowned as the biggest "foodie draw" in New Jersey. Anyone who knows the Jersey Shore is not surprised.  For at least the last five years or so, AP has been on fire preparing the most eclectic and inspired culinary creations I’ve ever seen. This one spot is getting huge attention for being the best eatery in Asbury Park.  Any guesses?

OK, full disclosure, this place is a departure from the classic pie. They're bold and not afraid to be different.  In a nutshell, they decided to rock our world while raising some eyebrows.  I'm talking about Talula's Pizza.

Not everyone is going to want fermented blueberries on their pizza, but the reviews are rave so keep an open mind. This piece of art is called the “Show Me Your Bloobz Pie” featuring pickled blueberries, feta and fontina cheeses, honey caramelized red onion, micro mint, and lemon.  Whatcha think?

If blueberries are not your thing, maybe you need to try this instead! Meet the “Rainbow Pickle Pie” which is only available during certain times. I see flowers on there…I’m in!

Don't leave before dessert or you will miss this magic.  Is anyone in for some blackberry ice cream sandwiched in a homemade croissant with orange blossom whip and plum glaze? Everything is house-made! Oh. My. Gawd.




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