Whether you call it a hoagie, sub, grinder, or hero we can all agree that they are all delicious sandwiches. When it comes to a great "sandwich" I would have to say my favorite would be an "Italian" sub/hoagie. Maybe the most well-known version of the sub.


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According to Taste Atlas, the "hoagie" has roots that go back to 1920s Philadelphia. "There are many theories about its origin, but the one that sounds most likely involves a jazz musician turned sandwich shop owner called Al De Palma. In the 1920s, he saw people eating a sub and said that ''you had to be a hog'' to eat such a large sandwich. During the Great Depression, he opened a sub shop and called his large sandwiches hoggies, which became hoagies over time, and a delicious new sandwich had been created."

I would add that other favorites of mine are tuna, turkey, and chicken salad hoagies. For me, all must have lettuce, tomato, pepper-jack cheese, and onion. I am not a fan of oil so less is better for me.






According to Love Food, they selected the best "sub" shops around America including right here in New Jersey. This hoagie shop here in Jersey is in Passiac County. Love Food selected Bogie's Hoagies in Hawthorne, New Jersey as the best in the Garden State.



According to Love Food, "the bread, from a local bakery, is wonderfully fresh and is a key reason that these sandwiches are so delicious. They prepare the roast beef and pulled pork fillings in-house and offer a range of different dressings too."

So have you ever visited Bogie's Hoagies? if you have let us know your review. Where do you get the best sub/hoagie here at the Jersey Shore? post your comments below


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