We are taking advantage of outdoor dining at the Jersey Shore, and it is amazing. but have you ever wondered what your waiter or waitress is thinking?

The waiters and waitresses are doing awesome work to give us the opportunity to take advantage of outdoor dining, and we know it's never easy for them. And with the current conditions, it's harder than ever.

So, what is your waiter or waitress thinking, and what are the things they hope you do when you are enjoying outdoor dining? That is exactly the question Reader's Digest tried to answer, and here are some of the things they learned about what your waiter or waitress want you to know about outdoor dining...

Pay with a card. No one wants to touch money that has been touched by potentially dozens of people in the past week, do use your card whenever you can.

Wear Your Mask When Ordering. It may be hot, it may be inconvenient, and it may not match your outfit, but help out your waiter or waitress and keep it on while placing your order.

Patience. We don't have a lot of it here in New Jersey, but if there have ever been a group of people who deserve it, it's your waiter or waitress.

Be clear with them. Let them know clearly what you want and how long you'll need to decide so they don't have to keep walking back into your six foot zone if they don't have to.

Keep your group small. If you can keep your party to 6 or less, it would help the staff a lot, and that just makes good sense with what we're going through.

These are just a few of the suggestions, and you can read more at Reader's Digest. Let's support our waiters and waitresses and thank them for all they are doing for us during some unusual times.

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