We know one thing for sure. Most guys give themselves a little too much credit about, well, just about anything about themselves. The polite word is overconfident.

So we thought it would be a really good idea to give the guys of the Jersey Shore a little cheat sheet. Not that kind of cheating guys. This cheat sheet might just help you steer away from the things that don't make you look as good as you think they do.

Here are some tips from some experts and some observers...

There was no shortage of un-sexy things guys do when Amanda W. responded to the question on Quora. Here are just some of the things on her long list (very common answers by many women, by the way)...


Body Building


Expensive cars

The website Indy 100 listed their suggestions for thing guys should stop doing because they're not as attractive as the guy thinks they are...

Flashing money

Hot wheels (there are those cars again)

Baby voices

Hiding baldness

And Business Insider took the scientific approach, listing things men (and women) do they make them scientifically less attractive to others...

Sleep deprivation...apparently tired people are less attractive.

Stress...good thing nobody in New Jersey is stressed.

No sense of humor...you have to keep them laughing!

Laziness..uh-oh, that's some bad news for some couch potatoes we all know.

We hope these are helpful hints. Please don't take anything personally. We just want you to know what some of the experts are saying. Consider it your cheat sheet!

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