Around this time of year, I love nostalgia. So many wonderful memories come back to me about family and when I was younger.

Grab the tissues and let's go back when things were a little lighter. Enjoy these commercials:

McDonald's Commercial from the 80's - Ice Skating

Toys R Us 1976 Christmas TV Commerical - This one made me tear up.

I think I always wanted one of these so I always loved their commercials - Atari


When I see the Toys R Us Christmas Commercial from 1976, I always remember my Dad and how special Christmas was. I totally teared up when I saw this commercial. totally brought back the memories.

These two commercials always warmed my heart when I saw them. The Ronald McDonald one, I always imagined him picking me up and swinging me around on the ice rink when I was little.

What is one of those Christmas TV commercials when you were growing up that you totally miss seeing and it brings you right back to childhood? I would love to hear from you and make a list of Ocean County's favorite "old" TV Christmas Commercials.

I love commercials, I know weird, but they get me every time. The Folger's coffee one always gets me and there are so many more. Most Christmas TV commercials are about coming together with family or helping out someone that needs it. Christmas commercials are always about heart, and I love it.

Is there that special commercial that makes you tear up? Every time it comes on the TV you know you're going to cry, it happens all the time to me. I think it's this time of the year, I'm so emotional. Email me your favorites right now on TV,

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