In the latest Jersey Shore poll, we asked you to tell us the worst habit you've observed on Jersey Shore beaches, and the results are in.

It turns out, not surprisingly, that there are a lot of things we notice on the beach that gets under our skin. Let's review your results, and talk about the beach habits that your votes put on the top of the list

We start with a three way tie at #4, Football/volleyball/frisbee/, loudness and smoking each got 5% of the vote. Coming in at #3 on the list was feeding the seagulls (9%), which I thought would get more votes.

So that brings us to the Big 2. The two top bad habits at Jersey Shore beaches have been determined and here they are. #2 (31%) belongs to those people who get to the beach late and invade your personal space and squeeze their towel between yours and the people next to you.

And that brings us to #1, which got 36% of the vote. Here it is. The champion of all bad beach habits. It's the litter bug, the garbage leaver and the mess maker that bothers us the most. How hard is it to clean up after yourself? Seriously, how hard is it?

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