There are dozens of crazy attractions in New Jersey, including the world’s largest glass bottle and the world’s largest lightbulb. However, probably one of the most unknown is that New Jersey is home to the world’s largest elephant!

This larger-than-life attraction is none other than the one and only Lucy the Elephant in Margate City. You might be wondering how in the world New Jersey has this humungous animal. According to Jersey’s Best, the reason is that it is actually made of wood and tin.

Lucy the Elephant is six stories tall, or 65 feet, and weighs a whopping 90 tons! Jersey’s Best tells us that she is made up of 1 million pieces of wood and nails. She is also made of over 12,000 square feet of tin and was built in 1881. Jersey’s Best calls Lucy the Elephant “novelty architecture” and she has an incredible story.

Built by real estate investor James V. Lafferty, Lucy the Elephant is America’s oldest roadside attraction and used to be a business office and a tavern Jersey’s Best explains! By 1960 however, Lucy the Elephant was a little run-down but by 1970, she was restored and moved to its current location in Margate City. According to Jersey’s Best, she was then designated a National Historic Landmark in 1976, and nowadays she is even available for the occasional overnight stay through Airbnb.

So when you're in Atlantic City this summer make sure you stop and see Lucy the Elephant and get some dope selfies with her.


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