We always think about food in New Jersey, but did you ever spend any time trying to guess the strangest food in the Garden State?

Well, that is exactly the question the website 24/7 Tempo wanted to answer for each state in the nation. Do you have any guesses before we reveal the food that was chosen for New Jersey? I promise you it's not what you think.

It's not a special pizza or a diner food. It' doesn't contain pork roll, so that probably eliminates 90% of guesses. It eliminates mine.

We will give you this hint. It’s a very specific item from a very specific place.
The website found New Jersey’s strangest food right here in Monmouth County...Freehold to be exact.

It might not surprise you that the strangest food in the state is a delicious food that could be a breakfast, could be a desert and for that matter, it could serve as any meal of the day and it sounds delicious.

As a matter of fact, I'm not sure why anyone would consider this food strange. To me, it sounds just simply delicious. Just listen to the name of this food. It’s the Overloaded Oreo Bagel fro Bagel Nook in Freehold.

It’s an Oreo bagel bagel with crushed Oreos and Oreo cream cheese, according to the Bagel Nook website. And none of that sounds strange. It sounds genius. And I bet it tastes pretty good, too. It certainly looks delicious!

Freehold is getting a lot of publicity this week. First, an earthquake and now this? Of course this came way before the earthquake, but either way, Freehold is on a roll...or a bagel. I couldn’t resist.

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