It's been a rough pollen season for allergy sufferers but if your symptoms go beyond that and have been for years, there's a solution to your problems and it involves a balloon.

Dr. Wayne Foster, a board certified ENT doctor and facial plastic surgeon in Toms River says the Balloon Sinuplasty is a procedure that cuts out a portion of the mucus membrane and some bone to clear the airway.

"The balloon produces an opening by slipping into the sinus, inflating the balloon and deflating the balloon leaving the sinus open for ventilation without making any cuts," Foster said. "There's less pain, there's a faster recovery and we can do it under simpler means via twilight sedation or local anesthesia."

This procedure is typically for patients who've exhausted over the counter medications and other options but are still battling chronic sinusitis, nasal obstruction and difficulty ventilating the sinuses.

"With chronic sinusitis, there's an obstruction of the sinuses and it needs to be opened up," Foster said. "The way we've always done that is medically first and if not possible medically, then surgically."

People electing to have the balloon sinuplasty performed are those who are looking for a more effective solution to their chronic sinusitis.

"People who come in have usually had these symptoms for a period of time, they've been treated with medications that have failed or treated with medications and periodically do okay but then the symptoms return," Foster said. "People with allergies that have failed medications that are over the counter, we will allergy test them."

Rick Goldstein is a patient who elected for the balloon sinuplasty after years of overbearing chronic sinusitis.

"I've had this sinusitis for many years and I've just lived with it, didn't want to do anything, just did all the nasal sprays everyday and the rinses and everything over the counter you can imagine and nothing's ever relieved it," Goldstein said. "I'm hoping that after this (the balloon sinuplasty) I'm going to feel good again. I don't remember the last time I breathed freely."

Ed Novajoski had the procedure and said the difference is night and day.

A good test for him is the sky high pollen levels we're seeing at the Jersey Shore this year.

"It's been two years now and through the terrible sinus seasons and pollen, I'm fine," Novajoski said. "Breathing is much better and the sinus headaches and pressure have been very minimal."

To learn more about the balloon sinuplasty and watch the procedure take place, click on the video below.

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