In Jersey we can have a good sense of humor.  It turns out that Hoboken did not disappoint.  The town had a totally uncontested Mayoral election…Mayor Ravi Bhalla ran successfully for re-election.  That was no surprise, what was a surprise was the runner up.

More than 600 voters had a little fun, writing in their votes saying that Mickey Mouse was the right rodent for the job. We never think of Mickey as a rodent do we?

Getty Images
Getty Images

Ravi Bhalla took the lion’s share of the votes, getting 8,716 but 604 were various write-ins, one of the most well known and non-polarizing of them being the main mouse himself.

Mickey Mouse, wasn't the only popular write-in, Kermit the Frog was not far behind.  I do however take issue with this.  If you are going to pick a Muppet to represent us, isn’t the clear choice Fozzie Bear?!?!

Getty Images Photo credit: Cindy Ord
Getty Images Photo credit:  Cindy Ord

At least people were getting out to vote, right?  Here are some other New Jersey high points:


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