Commandment #8-The proper way to put up your beach umbrella
Commandment #8-The proper way to put up your beach umbrella


Today is the first full day of summer and it’s time for something that is as much a part of the season as boardwalks, ice cream, fireworks, barbeques and vacations.  Each June I share the rules that should apply when it comes to beach behavior and etiquette and while others offer their own lists they must take a back seat as I am a true beach veteran with decades of experience. Moses can take credit for his better-known version but only I have my name attached to the “Ten Beach Commandments.”

  1. DO NOT CROWD THY NEIGHBOR. This will always be at top of the list because space is important.  If it’s crowded when you arrive it’s on you to find a spot and not sit right on top of someone who was there before you.
  2. DO WEAR A BATHING SUIT THAT MATCHES YOUR BODY-Oh this is a sensitive one especially in the thong era we live in. Just remember that gravity does things as we get older and that’s for men and women.
  3. DO NOT LEAVE GARBAGE ON THE BEACH-There are usually garbage and recycling cans within a short walking distance so use them.
  5. DO NOT FEED THE SEAGULLS. I know you love birds so while it’s nice you want to give them some bread it’s not really good for them and all of a sudden it will look like a scene from a Hitchcock movie.
  6. DO NOT PLAY MUSIC FOR THE ENTIRE BEACH-The boom box era is over but every once in a while you’ll see one…actually hear one. Headphones work very nicely.
  7. DO PLAY GAMES AWAY FROM PEOPLE-Spikeball, Kan Jam, Paddle Catch, Frisbee, Football, and Wiffle Ball. Play them away from others!
  8. DO LEARN HOW TO OPERATE YOUR BEACH UMBRELLA-This is especially important on a windy day. Make sure the base is dug in well, angle the umbrella into the wind and keep it low. And if it blows away and nearly impales someone don’t laugh and put it up again the same way.
  9. DO FILL IN THE HOLES-One of my true pet peeves. People (especially fathers) love to dig holes while their children watch.  When you realize that you can’t dig a tunnel to England fill it in so nobody falls in.
  10. DO BE AWARE OF THE RULES FOR THE BEACH. What can and can’t you do? Where should you swim, where can you fish? Don’t walk on the dunes!  Plus follow the lifeguard’s directions…they know the water a bit better than you.


Follow these simple rules and enjoy your time at the beach.  More importantly, don’t ruin it for others.

This is what happens when you don't put your umbrella up correctly.
This is what happens when you don't put your umbrella up correctly.


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