Clearly these are challenging times and those in leadership positions have their hands full.

I did not vote for Phil Murphy and up until a month or so ago I would have told you that in my opinion he was at best a very average governor and I do mean at best.  I especially have not liked his handling of public school education funding or should I say lack of handling as he’s refused to take ownership of a major statewide issue.

Early on though I was happy to compliment the job he was doing in terms of the coronavirus pandemic because I believed he was showing leadership, even if at times he appeared to simply mimic what Gov. Cuomo was saying and doing in New York.  However give credit where credit is due and Murphy deserved plenty.

Well my brief admiration period for the governor is over, even if I’m being a bit unfair which I probably am.  His daily briefings to me drone on and on and on and are tough to watch and listen to.  I’ve especially tired of his introductions of those who share the dais with him by saying, “and now for a woman who needs no introduction” (Then don’t introduce her).

If it’s his attempt at humor it’s not working and if he’s just doing it to heap praise on others then save it for those on the front lines and the countless number of those who have volunteered time, resources and services.  Murphy’s team was hired to do the job they are doing and unlike others being paid for it so enough of that.

I am especially disappointed because we were led to believe that on Monday we would get a blue print into the reopening of New Jersey and in truth what we got was a reminder of what we already knew: we need more testing, continued reductions in positive cases, etc.

Murphy’s “The Road Back” may in the end be the correct path but in New Jersey we’re not looking for the long way to get somewhere but rather the express lane.  We realize there could be some bumps in that road but when you travel from one part of the state to the next you don’t take Route 9 if the Garden State Parkway is available.  It’s time for the governor to step on the gas.

Stay healthy my friends!

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