Let’s be honest. Many if not most men do their best to avoid doctors. It’s probably some sort of “macho thing” but guys try hard to skirt away from dealing with those in the medical profession.

Unless mandated by their job many do not believe in check-ups and even when they are sick will do their best to find a home remedy that works.  To them preventative medicine simply means don’t get sick.

Recently I came across something in Men’s Health that caught my attention.

The subject of the monthly “The Above Average Guy” section was risk and the following were the top three excuses men make for avoiding scheduling an annual checkup with their primary care physician:

  1. They’re afraid of finding out something might be wrong with them.
  2. They’re uncomfortable with certain body exams.
  3. They’re too busy.

Many of us can relate to one, two and maybe even all three of those although frankly at the end of the day they are really poor excuses.  We all know of someone who avoided a serious health issue because they went for a physical and at the very least everyone should have an annual checkup.

While on the subject of risk some other revealing results:

  • For men ages 44 and under bicycle riding accounted for more emergency room visits and hospital stays than any other sport. As a matter of fact 32% of sports-related, in-patient stays are caused by biking accidents.
  • 39% of men get a flu shot. I guess many still think it does not help.
  • 10% of men will read emails or texts while driving which is risky not just for you but others.
  • 13% of young or middle-aged men don’t have health insurance.
  • About 1 in 4 men have bet on a pro sports event in the past five years…I guess at least in New Jersey that number will go up now that sports betting is legal.
  • 18% of adult men still smoke which is one I simply can’t understand.

Here’s one we could have guessed.  Stress increases men’s willingness to take risks.



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