Don't expect Shore Representative Tom MacArthur (R-3) to publicly endorse any of the candidates seeking the Republican Presidential nomination just yet. MacArthur discussed his views on the Primary races on "Ask the Congressman" Wednesday night on News Talk 1160 & 1310 WOBM-AM with host Tom Mongelli, noting he was supporting New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, until he dropped out recently. "The rhetoric has been disappointing to me, and I really would urge the candidates to try to step it up a notch," said MacArthur. He used GOP candidate John Kasich as an example of someone having a tone and an approach worthy of the Oval Office, adding he wished all of the candidates would adopt it.

"I think any President in waiting should carry themselves with the dignity of the Office," MacArthur said, pointing out that the main focus of the Republican candidates should be on beating the Democratic nominee, whether it be Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

"We cannot afford another four years of these progressive policies that are putting our country in a bad way," said MacArthur, pointing out that President Barack Obama's proposed budget doubles spending for things MacArthur feels the American people don't need or want.

MacArthur said he'll support the person who can beat the Democratic nominee, even if it is Donald Trump who wins the GOP nomination.

MacArthur also discussed existing Sandy-related issues, including whether New Jersey's use of FEMA's preliminary flood maps to designate areas where elevation is required, can be stopped, and concerns about rising flood insurance premiums.

"I'm trying to get my mind around what is the role of the state in using federal maps that aren't yet final and are there things that we can do to stop that," MacArthur said. He also pointed out the federal government needs to look at how to reform certain elements of the disaster program to avoid the same issues in the future.

MacArthur was scheduled to meet with Stop FEMA now founder George Kasimos and members of a Brick Township senior community Thursday to discuss their ongoing Sandy concerns.


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