Some random notes and thoughts:

The impeachment trial may still be a formality but things did take an interesting turn Monday when details from John Bolton’s book became public in which the former National Security Advisor said President Trump told him that he was holding back on aid to Ukraine to try and force them into investigating Joe Biden and his son.  Some Republicans are now considering voting with Democrats to allow Bolton to be called as a witness and only 4 need to move in that direction for it to happen.  GOP members of the Senate had been pushing for a speedy trial that would result in the President being cleared.

Meanwhile as many as 20,000 people (and maybe even more) are expected to converge on Wildwood today for a Trump re-election rally tonight at the convention center which holds just 10,000.  It’s the first-ever visit to the town by a sitting U.S. President.  Good off-season boost for businesses, especially hotels and restaurants.

Good move by the NBA to postpone Monday night’s game between the Clippers and Lakers in Los Angeles.  The Lakers clearly need a bit more time to mourn the tragic death of Kobe Bryant and playing last night was too much to ask.  The NBA received what I thought was unfair criticism for not cancelling all of Sunday’s games after it was learned Bryant and eight others were killed in a helicopter crash in Southern California.

Baseball is finally coming to its senses as it appears the designated hitter could be coming to the National League as early as 2021, almost 50 years after it was adopted in the American League.  The fact that Major League Baseball has different rules for the two leagues is ridiculous and I’m tired of hearing purists talk about strategy and the like.  Pitchers don’t hit by rule anywhere: high school, college, minor leagues, etc. so why should they be forced to bat in the NL.  The answer is they shouldn’t.

The Shore Umpires Association will be conducting training classes for anyone interested in becoming a high school baseball and/or softball umpire.  Classes begin on February 4th and for information visit



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