We are building the perfect Jersey Shore guy with the help of your votes, and he now has a hairstyle.

We asked you to choose between some of the top hairstyles at the Jersey Shore and all the votes are in. Those who think bald is sexy got their votes in, but they only amounted to about 3% of the vote.

Long hair grabbed about 11% of the vote, and was slightly edged out by the man bun which got 14% of your votes. The buzz cut was a strong # 2 with just over a quarter of your votes (26%).

So, which hairstyle ran away with this competition? It was the fade, which grabbed 43% of your votes, making it the perfect style for the Perfect Jersey Shore Guy!

In case you missed earlier polls, here's what we know about the Perfect Jersey Shore Guy so far.

He's between 5'8" and 5'11" tall

He has brown hair and a fade hairstyle

He has blue eyes.

He's faithful, honest and funny.

You may be wondering where this guy is? Well, we still have some pieces of the puzzle to learn about, and then we may actually begin a search for this man for you.

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