We are building the perfect Jersey Shore's perfect Christmas gift, and today we want to know if you want it to be a surprise or not.

When it comes to the gift from the one you love, we wondered if you wanted to point him in the direction of what you really want, or do you have enough trust to leave him to his own devices?

There is nothing more wonderful than a complete surprise on Christmas morning, unless of course it's a vacuum cleaner or a blender. Then there is nothing less wonderful than a surprise.

Then there is  the option of either subtly or not so subtly nudging him in the right direction, or even pointing directly at it, depending on your situation.

By the way, I'm using the example of a guy being the one needing the help, and I know that's not always the case, but in my experience, I've met more guys that need the help when it comes to holiday shopping, but feel free to customize this for your life.

So, it looks like there are basically three options here. We can leave the gifts up a complete surprise, we can give a nudge in the general direction of what we want, or we can flat out tell somebody what to get us.

By the way, the Jersey Shore has already decided in a previous poll that the gift should be personally wrapped (46%) as opposed to professional wrapping (38%) or a gift bag (15%), as we continue to formulate the ultimate Jersey Shore gift.

So let's get your votes in on whether or not you like surprise gifts!

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