There is one person on this planet who thinks I look like Bradley Cooper, and I discovered who that person is this weekend.

The first person you might think of is my wife Diane. It's not her. She loves me, but no love is that blind. There aren't a lot of people who look like Bradley Cooper, and she knows I am not one of them.

Once you eliminate Diane from the equation, that really narrows the possibilities. I mean that really drastically limits the choices. At that point, it kind of narrows it down to just one human, and that is my 2 year old grandson Jonathan.

Jonathan and I were sitting on the couch watching Jungle Book this weekend, when he decided to thumb through a couple of magazines on the end table. He was making believe he was reading, and of course, it was adorable.

He then grabbed the latest Life & Style magazine which features Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper on the cover. I asked him who the blond girl on the  cover was and he said GiGi (which is what he calls Diane). Fine, that's an easier mistake to make and, in my opinion, a nice compliment to Lady Gaga.

Then my little grandson did something I thought was impossible. He found a way to get me to love him even more than I already do. He pointed to Bradley Cooper and said that was Pop Pop. In other words, he thought Bradley Cooper looked like me.

Of course, I made him repeat it about a hundred times. I've even posted the video here just to show you it happened. And no, I didn't coach him. Don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely not beyond coaching him on something like this, but this time I didn't have to.

So, in summary, I love you Jonathan. You have now moved up from my bestest buddy to my super duper bestest buddy!

Jonathan Thinks Diane & Lou Are Lady Gaga And Bradley Cooper


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