History is always a topic I love to look at around the Jersey Shore and throughout New Jersey. Of course, we don't have such deep history here in the United States, compared to many countries we are relatively young.


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Much of what history we do have here in America can be found on the Atlantic coast where the original colonies were begun. New Jersey is one of the original colonies so it's no coincidence we have a ton of history here in the Garden State.

In this article, we are looking at bridges and what is the oldest bridge here in Jersey. Not only the oldest bridge in New Jersey but one of the oldest in America.




The Old Stone Arch Bridge which is located in Bound Brook New Jersey in Somerset County is the oldest bridge according to Google. The Old Stone Arch Bridge dates back to before the Revolutionary War.

According to Google, "The Old Stone Arch Bridge is a bridge located in Bound Brook, New Jersey, United States. It is the second-oldest extant bridge in the US, after the Frankford Avenue Bridge (built in 1697) over Pennypack Creek in North Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Built in 1731, it is the oldest bridge in New Jersey."

I personally have not visited this location, but from the looks of Google Maps photos, there is not a lot left of the old span. Not hard to believe considering the little bridge is almost 300 (291) years old. According to Wikipedia, "It spans the Green Brook and connects Bound Brook (Somerset County) with Middlesex Borough (Middlesex County) in northern central New Jersey."

Another testament to the history that can be found here in New Jersey. Imagine what it must have been like to build that bridge nearly 300 years ago, amazing they were able to complete it.


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