Breakfast is my favorite time to go to a diner. It was something we always did on Saturday mornings growing up.

Still to this day my family goes to the diner more in the morning than any other time. But, don't get me wrong, a diner is delicious if you go at noon, 2 pm, or 11 pm.

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I was just speaking with Toni from Toms River and she was telling me how much she loves this number one diner, as she says it, in Toms River. I have to agree, every time I go there, it is delicious.

A little hint about the number one diner in Toms River, chosen by you, the red velvet pancakes are just amazing. I couldn't' believe how delicious they were the first time I tried them.

What's the number one diner in Toms River, chosen by you?

The Four Seasons Diner, of course. As everyone was telling me about their favorite in Toms River, they love the owners, food, love seeing their friends in there, and so much more when it comes to The Four Seasons Diner. It was overwhelming with the amount of love this diner received. Congratulations to The Four Seasons Diner.

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The Four Seasons Diner is located at 823 Fischer Blvd. in Toms River. I hear from a lot of listeners it has a feel of a diner but the food is so above what you'd expect when you walk in. The atmosphere is amazing inside The Four Seasons Diner, they say, but the food is spectacular. "The Four Seasons Diner wins every time," Laura from S. Toms River, says.

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