Last week’s massacre in a Florida high school that claimed the lives of 17 students and teachers has not only sparked renewed debate about issues like gun control and mental health awareness but school security as well.

In the wake of such a tragedy, there is no doubt plenty of emotion involved and we’ve seen that from parents across the country as well as students themselves who more than anything are protesting and calling for stronger gun control laws.

I learned first-hand last week through Facebook posts that the gun control issue is a divisive one and in a way reminds me of the abortion argument in that people’s feelings are not likely to change.  They passionately defend their side and have little tolerance for the other, sometimes resorting to rather cruel comments to make their point.

The fact that in Washington our two political parties are also for the most part divided on the issue only adds to the lack of rational discourse in our nation.

Gun control and greater mental health awareness are certainly the two issues at the forefront but we all know that action will not come swiftly on either. That’s why many are turning their attention to school security because right or wrong they see things that could be done almost immediately to at the very least make everyone feel better.

Many if not most high schools have some type of police presence in their school whether it be through an arrangement with their local police department or in some cases the hiring of retired officers to fill those spots.

Parent groups are looking for even greater visibility from law enforcement on school campuses and not just in high schools but elementary and middle schools as well.  It’s a fair point to make but keep in mind there was an armed school resource deputy at Parkland High School at the time of the Valentine’s Day shooting.  No amount of armed police can guarantee safety, especially against a deranged individual who doesn’t care if he lives or dies.

The debate will continue but unfortunately, there are no easy answers.

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