Sunday is the national holiday that does not come with a day off although more than 17 million people are expected to take Monday off the majority calling in sick.

Another 3+ million will come in late, more than 6 million will leave early and when it’s all said and done distractions and absences will cost employers over $4 billion this year. Super Bowl LIV (54) will in Miami Gardens’ Hard Rock Stadium.

The San Francisco 49ers  will be making their 7th appearance in the game (they’ve won 5) while the Kansas City Chiefs are in the Super Bowl for the third time, having lost the first one in 1967 when it wasn’t even called the Super Bowl before winning it 50 years ago in 1970.

This game is always a big one although it’s truly special when a local team (Giants, Eagles or Jets) plays in it. Many are just happy that the Patriots are not. Some 80,000 will be in the stadium while more than 100 million will watch it on Fox with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman calling the action.  If you’re watching on TV you are likely not alone as 27% of Americans plan to attend a Super Bowl party. The average one is made up of 17 people.

I will watch with my wife Jane. I’m interested in the game and not socializing.

Like many of you we will also pay attention to the commercials even though some have already been released.  They cost an average of $5.6 million for a 30-second ad which will help Fox bring in over $400 million in advertising revenue.

Nearly 1-in-4 viewers say the commercials are their favorite part of the game although 80% of Super Bowl commercials fail to change our opinions about brands.

Sunday is a big day for food and drink.  More than 11 million pounds of chips will be eaten, some dipped in the 8 million pounds of guacamole that will be consumed.  It’s the biggest pizza day of the year by far. Then there is nearly 1.4 billion chicken wings, 10 million pounds of ribs, nachos and more.  It’s all washed down with over 51 million cases of beer which is why antacid sales will be up by about 20% on Monday.

As for who will win.  I was in the Chiefs corner for most of the past two weeks but am now leaning to the 49ers.  More importantly I would like to hit one of the box pools I am in so how about a final score of San Fran 27 KC 21.  Enjoy the game!


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