It's always fun to take a road trip here in the Garden State, and this time around, our road trip will take us to a place that has been dubbed the most unusual building in the Garden State. There are some buildings here at the Jersey Shore that might fit the bill, but the one chosen is a little further away.

If you want to visit the most unusual building in New Jersey, at least according to House Beautiful, then you'll have to take a bit of a road trip to Flemington, just about an hour away to see the Union Hotel.

So, a quick look at the Union Hotel building itself, it doesn't really seem that unusual, but when you fill in the blanks of what happened inside about 80 years ago, it becomes more clear. And yes, it's currently under renovation.

The Union Hotel was where the jury and press stayed during the famous Lindbergh trial back in 1934. Now, that's not exactly an upbeat topic, but there is no question the building earned its place in history, mostly because it was across the street from the courthouse.

I do want to mention that the first thing that came to mind when I saw the topic of awesome and unusual buildings was the old Steinbach building in downtown Asbury Park. It obviously has that really cool shape, and there is a ton of history in that building as well.

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Of course, the building doesn't look the same as it did since its amazing renovation back in the mid-2000s and is now the structure is as vital of a part of the Asbury Park scene as it's ever been.

So, what's the unusual Jersey Shore building that comes to your mind first? Let us know in the Comment section.

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