Valentine's Day is upon us, and that means there will be proposals. So where is the most scenic proposal spot at the Jersey Shore?

Well, let's start with the state of New Jersey. Recently, chose the most scenic proposal spot in each state, and for New Jersey they came up with the Camden Aquarium.

Nothing against that choice, but next time we hope they take a good look at the Jersey Shore, where there is a scenic spot to propose at just about any corner. By the way, we've got a pretty amazing aquarium right here at Jenkinson's that would make a perfect spot.

And then there are just dozens of great beach and boardwalk spots. Great spots like Avon-by-the-Sea or the gazebo in Spring Lake or any of the other great beach spots up and down the Jersey Shore in Point Pleasant, Asbury Park, Ocean Grove, Belmar, Manasquan and the list goes on and on! .

Or how about the endless number of gorgeous restaurants, many of which overlook the water? Or the beautiful parks that we are so lucky to have around here? The possibilities are endless.

So, in my opinion, you don't have to take one step out of the Jersey Shore to be at the most scenic proposal spot in the state. We have hundreds of them right here at the Jersey Shore.

Let us know what you think is the perfect proposal place at the Jersey Shore, or let us know where you proposed or were proposed to!

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