Just the other night my wife made what might be the best grilled cheese sandwich I have ever had, it was absolutely delicious and made for a great summer meal. We combined the grilled cheese sandwich with a salad and it made for a great dinner.


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What made her grilled cheese so delicious, maybe you want to try it at home yourself, was the combination of cheese, peppers, and blackberries. If you read an earlier article this week I wrote you saw that we went blackberry picking recently and she used some of these berries to make the grilled cheese and it is delicious. I was skeptical at first but the berries on grilled cheese are really good. It was a combination of sweet and hot with the peppers combined with the cheese that made for a nice sandwich.

Enough about our grilled cheese, the best grilled cheese in New Jersey if you want to go out and experience a delicious sandwich is at a shop in Union County. According to a recent Love Food article, they named a grilled cheese sandwich at American Melts as the best here in Jersey. Not only the best in New Jersey but one of the best in America.




Unsplash.com Nathan Dumlao
Unsplash.com Nathan Dumlao



According to Love Food "American Melts is a “build your own” grilled cheese bar and the possibilities are both seemingly endless and definitely delicious." So next time you are looking to experience a truly delicious grilled cheese sandwich, maybe take a drive and check out American Melts in Kenilworth, sounds good to me.

By the way, if you want to try this at home, April's grilled cheese was marble rye, Brie, sliced pepper, and fresh blackberries. The blackberries were cooked in the sandwich.


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