Now THIS is a rare find.

Michael and Maria Spressler, who live in Brick, had a very interesting dining experience while heading South that I honestly wish would happen to me.

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According to, this entire story went down at The Lobster House in Cape May-- a favorite of the Spresslers since the 1980's that they strongly suggest you try if you haven't already:

“For all the years that we were going down there, as soon as we would get off the Garden State Parkway and go over the bridge, our first stop would be The Lobster House to eat, because to me they have the best seafood in Jersey,” Spressler said.

Even as I write this piece,  I am discovering how much they have to offer:

Check Out Waterside New Jersey Delight: The Lobster House in Cape May

The Lobster House in Cape May has developed a killer reputation. Let's take a look at all they have to offer:

Now that you know all there is to know about The Lobster House, lets talk about what went down with Michael and Maria while they were enjoying their dinner.

According to, Michael was chowing down on some raw clams - Michael, you have great taste - when he found bit down on something rather peculiar that was in his food.


What did he find?

A shiny, perfectly round white pearl!  Do you want to see a photo? Click here.

The pearl measures at 8.83 millimeters wide and fun fact, the pearl they found could be worth as little as $50 as as much as $100,000.

No, the New Jersey duo have not gotten the pearl appraised just yet but I am dying to know what is I am sure you do.

According to Michael, the chances of finding a pearl in a clam are 1 in 10,000....and it happened while he was right here in the Garden State. Imagine that.

I don't even know what I would do with myself if I happened to stumble upon $100K while going out to dinner...but a girl can dream.

How would you spend that kind of cash?

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