The Jersey Shore already has A LOT to offer.

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Killer restaurants. Hip and happening bars. Beaches. Boardwalks. Just about any type of store you could think of.

But believe it or not, we are missing something.

I realized it over this past weekend when I got a call from my sister who lives in Brooklyn, New York.

We've talked about brunch (keep scrolling for the top Jersey Shore brunch suggestions), but have you ever heard of a bottomless brunch place?

That is where my sister went and it sounds like something that is right up my alley.

Here is how it works:

You pay a flat fee -- usually ranging from $25 to $55 -- for a meal off of a prefixed brunch menu.

Here is what it comes with: 1.5 hours of a bottomless cocktail of your choice.

Some places will only offer mimosas while others will have a list of cocktails that you can choose from.

This can include mimosas, flavored mimosas, Bellini's, sangria, margaritas and who knows what else!

I tried to search for bottomless brunch places at the Jersey Shore and whataya know...I had trouble finding anything!

I feel like the Jersey Shore is missing out big time.

Picture this: you are sitting outdoors or even on the boardwalk with a killer plate of food in front of you with a pitcher of mimosas off to the side that gets filled whenever you ask.

The Jersey Shore is the perfect place for it.

You have your early risers who take a run on the boardwalk and then will be ready for a hefty dose of brunch by 10:00 AM.

Then you have your not-so-early risers who will take their sweet time and roll on in around noon. (Guilty as charged)

Brunch caters to so many different types of people so I think our local businesses are missing out on a great opportunity here. (Reminder: keep scrolling for top Jersey Shore brunch joints! Some are BYOB and some do have your early-morning cocktails!) 

And if I may also add, whoever adds the whole 'Bottomless Brunch' aspect first will have no trouble attracting attention because it will be one of the first of its kind at the Jersey Shore.

"This attracts 'that type' of crowd." If this is your argument against it, well that crowd is already at the Jersey Shore. Our local businesses might as well make some money off of them. (Keep scrolling...we have almost made it to those Jersey Shore Brunch suggestions)

Also, have you been to a bar during Sunday Football?

To each is own but trust me, the brunch crowd is not necessarily the worst of them all that you should be worried about.

So....your thoughts?

Send me an email on this at

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