Finding a parking spot in the summer at the Jersey Shore is never easy, and being crowned the town where it's hardest to find a spot is quite a distinction.

We took on the task of trying to find out which town would have that distinction for summer 2017 at the Jersey Shore, and we went to the greatest source of this Now we have the results based on your votes.

Let's be clear about a few things. First of all, there is no Shore town where the summer parking is easy, so there really is no one correct answer on this one.

Frankly, the question here could have been which shore town is most popular, since it stands to reason that the places that are the biggest attractions are going to draw the biggest crowds.

But no matter how you look at it, the town that was the top vote-getter won by a very large margin. Let's take a look at the results.

Avon, Ocean Grove and Seaside all received less than 5% of the vote. Long Branch was the choice for 7% of our voters, and that brings us up to the top 3 towns for most difficult town to find a summer parking space.

In at #3 with 9% is Asbury Park. The second highest number of votes went to Belmar, but even that town only received 16% of your votes. So that leaves over 50% of the vote that went to one town. By this point, you've probably figured it out.

But just in case you haven't, remember we didn't mention Point Pleasant yet. We're going to mention it now. A whopping 51% of you chose Point Beach as the toughest town for summer parking. That's a full 35% more votes than any other Shore town.

It makes sense because it's such a popular spot, and everybody wants to be there, especially on a beautiful summer day. Thanks for all your votes!

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