Random thoughts. I don’t even know if you can call them thoughts this morning.

That’s because I am operating on zero  hours sleep and not because I was out late last night.  I was actually in bed early but for no apparent reason just could not fall asleep.  I was wide awake and watched the NFL game and the World Series and around 11:30 got out of bed and went into the den.

Caught up on some TV shows I had recorded and finally started dozing off but it was almost 3:30 and time to get up.  Needless to say today will be a challenge.

Speaking of challenges, how about just watching the Giants & Jets.  Enough said about that.

Sunday was the type of rainy and dreary day we have not had in a while and it looks like we could have several more days of wet weather this week.  That will make for some really ugly sites with all the political lawn signs that are everywhere and when wet start falling apart.

I wish there was some form of regulations regarding them because they are out of control. Let’s at least hope ALL the candidates do their part to make sure they are removed immediately following Election Day next Tuesday because after that they’re no different than any other litter.

You’ve heard the expression, “one man’s junk is another’s treasure?”  I guess that would sum up why an anonymous bidder paid $334,000 for the green cardigan sweater worn by the late Kurt Cobain during an MTV special in 1993.

Described as a “grubby, cigarette-burned sweater” that had not been washed in the 25 years since the death of the Nirvana frontman it was first sold four years ago for $137,500 but I guess like fine wine its value had increased.  Reportedly it’s the most anyone has ever paid for a sweater in an auction. I wonder what the one worn by Mr. Rogers would fetch?

It may not resonate as well with younger people but we think The Kominsky Method is as funny as anything on TV.  Starring 75-year old Michael Douglas and 85-year old Alan Arkin the second season is now out on Netflix.  Like the first it’s eight 25-minute episodes and if you like great one-liners than this is well worth your time.

Ok that’s it for me. I’m going to take a nap.


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