What do you think is the greatest, most popular movie quote ever uttered from a New Jersey actor? A recent report has identified it.

There are great actors who've uttered great quotes throughout the history of cinema. There have been offers that can not be refused, there have been lines that frankly my dear, lots of us gave a damn about.

Some great movie quotes have attempted to show us the money, and some have made us feel like the king of the world. Yes, the greatest movie quotes in history have made their impact on all of us.

And Stacker has taken on the daunting task of compiling the Top 100 movie quotes of all time. Are you wondering which great line uttered by an actor from New Jersey ranked on the list?

The top line uttered by a Garden State actor ranked at #29, and I'm a little surprised it wasn't higher. The movie it was from came out in 1992 if that helps you narrow it down. And the actor is from Monmouth County.

I'm pretty sure you know it by now, but if not I'll tell you it's a military movie and the New Jersey actor played a Colonel. If you don't know it now, it's clear you haven't seen the movie, and if that's true you must see it soon.

Here's more. Another actor in the scene (and another very famous one) has New Jersey connections as well, but the line is delivered by a guy who has been making New Jersey proud with his acting since his first movie in the late '50s.

You must know by now that we're talking about the great Jack Nicholson, and the 29th greatest movie line of all time and the top New Jersey actor movie line of all time is...

"You can't handle the truth"

- A Few Good Men

Jack Nicholson
Jack Nicholson (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media)

It's definitely one of the most memorable line from one of New Jersey's favorite celebrities, but didn't you think that should be higher on the list? I did. And by the way, the other Jersey guy in the scene was of course Tom Cruise.

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