You see it in every small and large town.  Businesses that have been a staple in those communities are closing.  Some more recently due to the pandemic putting them out of business.  Others because the big box stores and larger name brands are coming in and taking over.  In the case of this Jackson New Jersey corner store, it’s the idea of retirement that sparked the decision.

For decades, when you drove up the ramp off Exit 21 of Interstate 195, you immediately came up on the corner of Rt 526 and RT 527.  Sitting there was the same market for the past 50 years, Glory’s Market.

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Via Google Maps
Via Google Maps

Larissa Colangelo, a former Jackson resident remembers stopping at Glory’s market many times...

“All the locals went there. When you walked in the counter was to the left and the butcher to the right. It was a really nice deli. They were known for their subs. You could get Boar’s Head cold-cuts, and order a filet magnon right from a butcher. He was always behind the stand putting out fresh meats.”

Colangelo also said...

“they have a liquor store too and you could get to it from outside and inside the deli.”  She also liked the convivence of Glory’s Market when you just “wanted to buy sugar or other specialty grocery items.”

The “gateway to Jackson” as Clara Glory puts it. Clara is married to Glory’s co-owner George Glory.

"In today’s day and age, it’s not easy to run a small business. We decided a couple years ago that, with all of the offers, it was time to semi-retire."

Semi retire is the key phrase because the family business is not totally going away.


Word of a new Wawa gas station will be sharing a major portion of Glory’s corner footprint.  In fact, Glory’s liquor store is staying put but getting an upgrade.  A Pharmacy is also part of the new plans for the property.

Borden Applegate, a longtime Jackson resident wrote a book entitled Jackson Mills:  A Personal Reflection.  In the book, you learn many things about Jackson, including the history of the Glory family.

via Yelp
via Yelp

Many events through the years have forced the Glory’s to evolve.  Most recently an additional involving an auto accident.  “They had multiple car crashes on that corner that they had to redo the inside to protect the cashier,” said Colangelo.

it’s worth mentioning the location of Glory’s Market is a big attraction to truckers passing through.  It is also a prime location to attract those drivers with carloads of people heading to great Adventure right down the street.

It’s safe to say, “Glory’s Corner” as the locals call it, will continue to attract travelers.

This time to fill up their gas tanks and their coolers.

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