Random notes and thoughts following the first weekend of April:

It was also the first really nice spring weekend and we were among many who
spent it working outside. It’s sort of like this annual rite of spring that the first nice
weekend sends everyone to Home Depot, Lowe’s and other places to pick up what
they need for yard work and more.

Power washing, painting, raking leaves, planting flowers, etc. and likely much more of the same next weekend. I would like to leave next Sunday afternoon open for the final round of the Masters which is even more of a tradition than spring clean-up.

We can only hope tonight’s NCAA Men’s Basketball National Championship
game is as exciting as last night’s women’s title game in which Baylor edged
defending champion Notre Dame 82-81. It was a heartbreaking end for Fighting
Irish senior guard Marina Mabrey of Belmar who hit four 3-pointers and scored 21
points in her final college game.

By the way I like Virginia to beat Texas Tech 58-54 in tonight’s Men’s
championship game.

The Yankees pulled out the big bats this weekend in a three-game sweep of the
Orioles in Baltimore. They hit 14 home runs in the series, including 7 on Sunday
which was the most the Yanks have hit in a game in early 12 years. Gary Sanchez
led the hit parade with three two-run blasts in hitter-friendly Camden Yards.

I’ve read numerous stories about how you should not order water or anything with
a slice of lemon at a restaurant but I admit to ignoring some scary statistics. One
report said nearly 70% of lemon slices tested had bacteria, viruses, and even in
some cases E.coli.

An investigation done a while back said lemon wedges are more likely to have bacteria than the food you’re ordering because health standards for restaurants tend to be less strict for garnishes and often food handlers don’t wear gloves or use a fork or tongs while putting that lemon in your drink.

Just something to think about.

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