This year's New Jersey tomato season has been "a little slow," according to State Agriculture Secretary Doug Fisher. But he says they are finally here.

Fisher says the Jersey tomato season is now in full swing.

"There is good pricing and good supply, different varieties, some of them have different price tags. But certainly a real good buy for your table. We are a little slow, but now we are in full swing, so there are plenty available."

"I have been out in the markets. I have been doing some of my Jersey Fresh tours, and yes, there are plenty of a great size. So if people like big slicing tomatoes, they also like plum tomatoes, they like the heirloom varieties, they like lots of different tomatoes. As far as size goes, they are here now."

As for the weather factor, always a concern for any New Jersey crop, Fisher says.

"We just need to get enough hot days, so that we can bring a good supply to market. And we are there now, obviously we have had these heat spells. So they have caught up now."

He says New Jersey grows about 80 million pounds of tomatoes annually on 2,900 acres, worth about $46 million. Fisher says it is still to early to tell how this tomato season will compare to previous seasons, but he adds, "we have plenty and they are ready to market."

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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