In full disclosure I do not follow national and world news nearly as much as I did five, ten, twenty or thirty years ago.  The same goes for my reading of current events as I browse and peruse more than diving in deep and getting all the details.

So I’m being up front when I say I’m not expert although I do have a pretty good knowledge of sports and state capitals, the only two categories I handle well when watching Jeopardy.

Despite that, like all of you I feel I have the right to comment on things that impact me, my family and those around me even if I don’t know enough. I think that’s called freedom of speech.

And with that said let me offer this comment. I hope we have reached or are close to reaching rock bottom because I don’t know how much lower we can go.  WE being Americans who frankly no longer care what Republicans or Democrats think and want but rather what WE think and want.

I don’t know if our president is a total whack job or just so different from all the other presidents that it’s hard to compare.  He talks about subjects that most of us would agree are not very presidential and for all his faults (and he has many) maybe it’s us who just can’t accept that he’s not a statesman like we would expect our leader to be.  Of course we’ve had others who didn’t fill that bill (no pun intended) either.

Think about all the problems we have yet instead of concentrating on fixing those we are distracted by developments like those involving former FBI Director James Comey, porn star Stormy Daniels and the president’s attorney Micheal Cohen.

How did it all come to this? No wonder why people don’t vote and have such little confidence in those that are supposed to lead.  Sure, you can say we are partly to blame for who we have sent to Washington but how do you choose when you don’t believe anyone?

I have no answers but I do know this.  The two-party system has failed us and continues to fail us and there’s no reason to expect any great change in the near future.  When decisions are made based on what’s best for the party and not the people our leaders can’t do anything but let us down.  That they’ve done time and time again.

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