So on Tuesday at what was a Shore Conference Football Media event at Monmouth University I was talking with several athletic directors about how fast the summer has gone.  Ironically one of them felt the same way I did and that is the end of summer really begins on July 4th which many consider the real start of the season.  We could not agree more that our nation’s birthday was at the very least the beginning of the end and I’d like to offer an explanation.

Summer begins building Memorial Day Weekend even though at that time of year the weather is often not very summer-like.  However was we get into June things begin to get better and each day is closer to the season.  The beach gets nicer, water warms up and the days get longer and longer as we approach the summer solstice.  Most importantly you still have two months of summer to look forward to.

However by July 4th we are heading in the other direction and for many the realization is that August is right around the corner and that for the most part is the end.  I’m well aware those who are fortunate can look forward to September which just happens to be the nicest month of the year.  For others though September is back to work, back to school and not a time they can take a vacation so in essence summer has ended.

This may not make any sense to you but I know at least one person who agrees with me that July 4th is the really the beginning of the end.


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