My husband and I started doing something called The Bob Levy Show (and in tiny little letters) my name, Marianne, on April 7th 1998 on WOBM AM from what we referred to as "The Cornfields in Howell".  We didn't have a clue on how to do a morning show even though Bob had been with the station since its’ inception in 1968 and I was coming from selling shoes in Macy's to most recently at the time being a very successful hostess in a very successful Chinese restaurant… so we "winged it".  It was pretty pathetic, neither one of us had a clue and trust me, everyone could tell, so about halfway through that morning "I" blurted out "this really stinks" (I'm known for saying what I feel) and a light bulb went off in Bob's head and he said "we'll just called it the Stupidest Show in Radio" then we just started acting ourselves and people seemed to like that because they could relate to our everyday antics as husband and wife.  It was like having coffee in the morning with friends and that's when my light bulb went off:  to me, listeners sounded cold so I started calling them "Listener Friends".

All of a sudden our phones started ringing and people were calling us like they were our relatives asking this and telling us about that - it got to the point (and still to this day) when someone calls on air even before they tell us their names I call them by it… which ticks Bob off because he says it sounds like we have 13 listeners.. Like I really gave a poop what he says!  Yes, I'm getting to the point…  Today after I was done playing about my hundredth million game of Bingo with our Listener Friends it made me think of what we have shared all these years, every emotion possible:  happiness, sadness, anger, disagreements, compromise and most of all LOVE.  They have come to depend on us and we on them. We may not always see eye to eye but HEY isn't that one of the things that make up a real family??

I'll end this with the way I have ended our show every day for the past 14 years:

Remember to Count your Blessings and not you troubles and if you see someone without a smile give them one of yours and Have a Great Day!!!!

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