Silver Lining - "A sign of hope in an unfortunate or gloomy situation." -

I hope you had a Mother's Day filled with love and good times. My family kept it simple and we had an easy-going pasta dinner, which is pretty much every Sunday night in the Guiliano household. My mother was content and happy, that's all that matters!

After my family's Mother's Day celebration, I "locked-in" and prepared myself for a long run on the boardwalk. I love running but I have been taking it easy because I recently received by second Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. My body had a tough time reacting to the second dose but I luckily felt healthy enough to work out on Sunday night. My goal was to run from Spring Lake to Bradley Beach and back! The six-mile run is sometimes tough, especially in the pouring rain...

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THE SILVER LINING: There's no other way to put it, Sunday night was a terrible night to be on the boardwalk. It was gloomy, windy, and the rain was pouring down from all directions. Am I an idiot for not looking at the weather forecast? Absolutely, but I am thankful I pushed through because I witnessed something beautiful on the Avon Boardwalk. I've been on that specific boardwalk a thousand times but this view was simply different. As I was running north toward Bradley Beach, I saw two Jersey Shore landmarks open with bright lights serving happy customers. It's something I've seen many times, it's so simple but in the midst of a fierce downpour, The Columns & Avon Pavilion were there standing strong-looking better than ever. (KEEP SCROLLING FOR MORE)

At that moment, as I was experiencing a runner's high, I thought the rain and a pandemic have similarities. Both are unpleasant, unfortunate, and we hate having to deal with them. However, both things eventually come to an end. There was a true sign of hope. Whether it's a heavy rainstorm or a global pandemic, places like The Columns & Avon Pavilion will forever be a ray of light for Jersey Shore locals.

You might be thinking I ate magic mushrooms before this run but honestly, I just love where you and I live! I'm feeling that summer mojo! Could this be our very own Roaring Twenties?!

What I Saw:

Good luck to the Columns, Avon Pavilion, and all Jersey Shore favorites! Wishing everyone a safe and happy summer. Cheers! - Jimmy G

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Avon Pavilion: Facebook & Instagram

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