What do you say, firefly or lightning bug? I think it stems from childhood.

Growing up in Pennsylvania we always would say lightning bug. I've never heard of a firefly until I moved here to Jersey.

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I thought let's do a poll. It's something I talk about with my friends in the summer and if you say firefly or lightning bug, there is no way of changing your mind, that's what you say. It's a funny summertime debate.

Take the poll, let's find out what Ocean County says:

I remember seeing so many lightning bugs in my backyard now I barely see any. It's not real bright around me in Bayville, but I still don't see them. There was a time when I could literally run in my grass with a jar and hold it out and catch a bunch while running. We are lucky if we see one a night. We hardly see any lightning bugs.

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From the patch.com, it's all about where you live if you say lightning but or a firefly. In the west they call them fireflies. The east are pretty content with calling them lightning bugs. I recently asked co-workers and friends and majority of them called them fireflies. I said it's a lightning bug, oh no they said it's a firefly. Here in New Jersey, it's fireflies.

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