As Halloween creeps ever closer, thrill seekers and amateur ghost hunters will start to snoop around to scare each other and try to find evidence of "the other side". If you fall into either of those groups, here are some suggestions to get you started on the cheap.

Full blown paranormal investigators usually have thousands of dollars worth of equipment when they go on investigations. But if you're thinking of doing a little ghost hunting on the side, you don't have to spend a bunch of money to try to make contact.

Here are some inexpensive smartphone apps to get you started:

Ghost Radar:
The Ghost Radar app allegedly uses your phone's sensors to pinpoint where activity is going on around you. It also has a database of words that spirits can use to "communicate" with you. I have to add one caveat to this - there's really no reason to believe that the app isn't programmed to spit out random words at random intervals. I use this app with a grain of salt.

EMF detectors are used to pinpoint changes in ambient electromagnetic fields. One of the main ghost hunting theories is that spirits use ambient energy to manifest and communicate. So a change in the electromagnetic field could be an indication of paranormal activity. Full blown EMF detectors aren't cheap, so for $0.99, why not start out with something you've already paid for - your phone?

The M2 app throws it all together in one program - an audio recorder, an EMF detector, the features of Ghost Radar, and some more bells and whistles. Again, for $0.99, you really can't go wrong for some scares and evidence.

Audio Recorders:
Personally, I think that one of the best pieces of equipment is built in to most smart phones - an audio recorder. These days, smart phone audio recorders are excellent quality, sometimes even better than much more expensive standalone audio recorders.


Of course, all of these apps are for "entertainment purposes" only, right? If you're a skeptic, it's always fun to scare yourself a little without dropping a chunk of change. And if you're a believer but you're not ready to put a bunch of benjamins towards a budding hobby, these are some inexpensive options to start out with.


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