There are many great photographers here at the Jersey Shore. Anytime with a decent cellphone can be one. Anyone except the Bad Photographer. When the bad photographer strikes, he can confuse any subject.

The Bad Photographer has struck a small town at the Jersey Shore. This time, the town is in Ocean County, and the pictures of some famous buildings in the town are so bad, we don’t think you’ll be able to identify the town.

And that’s pretty much the name of the game. See if you can name the town these photos were taken in despite the horrible technique of the Bad Photographer. We helped you a little by providing a clue with each “photo”. Good luck!

Bad Photographer Pictures

There are the pictures and the clues, and that should be all you need. Even with photos as bad as these, we think you are sharp enough to figure out the town that these pictures were taken in. Take your best guess and good luck!

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