We all know that here in Ocean County we have many roads that are quiet and rarely have traffic and we have some that ALWAYS have traffic and are the "slowest" in Ocean County.


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There are slow roads in northern, central, and southern Ocean County. We have nearly 640,000 residents here in the county so it figures we have some cars too. So just what roads are the "slowest" here in Ocean County? I decided to ask YOU at home because YOU drive them.



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Unsplash.com Jamar Penny
Unsplash.comn Jamar Penny



I think the usual suspects come to mind right off the bat when it comes to Ocean County traffic. Route 9 has to be on the list, Route 37, Route 88, and Route 72...but let's look at the roads YOU say are the slowest here in the county...

  • Linda: Rt 9 Toms River, Lakewood
  • Adam: Bay Ave ….bye sky view park
  • Teddy: Brick Blvd
  • Miguel: Rt 9 thru Lakewood
  • Laurie: Lakehurst Rd
  • Jason: Anywhere on Route 9
  • Joanne: Gotta be Route 9 South, Lakewood to TR
  • Chris: Whichever one that I'm on is always the slowest
  • Wanda: Noooo… it HAS to be around Whiting… lol
  • Dorothy: Route 9
  • Cynthia: Rt 70 every afternoon from the parkway exit both east and west
  • Linda: Cross Street from Lakewood to Jackson
  • Lori: Route 9
  • Betsy: Rt9 in Lakewood
  • Karen: Rte 9 North and South through Lakewood
  • Paul: Route 9 in Southern Ocean County
  • Beverly: Route 9
  • Vicki: Rt 9 for sure ( Lakewood Beachwood- several spots) but nothing worse than Brick Blvd from the Wawa to Silverton every night.
  • Bob: 70
  • Tony: Route 9 thru Berkeley twp
  • Jan: It’s often Rt 70
  • Rose: Brick Blvd / Hooper Ave
  • Cindy: Route 9 in Lakewood except on Saturdays
  • Stephen: Cross St Lakewood/Jackson




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