There's that one moment every year at around this time that happens that let's you know it's Fall and there's no going back.

That moment is probably different for everyone, but after talking about it on the show this morning, I determined exactly what that dreaded moment is for me, and that moment is the first chill up my back.

It's not the first time I'm cold. It's not the first time I'm outside and I cross my arms to warm up, and it's not the first time I put the heat on in the house or in the car. No, the moment I'm talking about is a little different than all that.

It's a moment that might happen for me when I take the dog out or the garbage to the curb at night. Or it may be when the interior of my car is cold to the touch. But whatever is the instigator, it's that feeling that someone is running an ice cube up your back, from the tailbone to the neck.

And you can't shake it. You immediately and instinctively raise your shoulders and no matter what you do, you can't stop it. Your teeth start to chatter and your arms start to move funny.

You might even run into the house to put some hot water on your hands, and in extreme cases, you may even jump into the shower, just to get the chill to stop.

Welcome to Fall. Miss summer yet? And remember, as they say in Game of Thrones...Winter is coming.

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