I've been given a reprieve the last couple of years as my daughter has taken over Thanksgiving.

With my blessing (and gratitude), Erica now makes Thanksgiving dinner.  It really does make a lot more sense as she has a much bigger kitchen and dining room, plus she invites both sides of the family for the kids' sake so they can all be together.

But, that doesn't mean I'm not keeping with a long time holiday tradition - the 'cleaning of the fridge'.  I remember my nana doing it, then my mother, then myself.  It's an out with the old, in with the new saying: 'make room for the makings of Thanksgiving, then for the leftovers'.

I'm not sure if my daughter is following suit, but hopefully she is because when I get there on Wednsday night my plan is to lay on the couch with my grandchildren watching movies and yelling into the kitchen 'Hey Er, can you bring me a soda?' - not cleaning out a refrigerator!  Hey I think I've earned it, right?  She may not be too happy about that, but I know that when I get home I'm going to have PLENTY of room in mine - that is until Christmas Eve,then it's my turn (and pleasure) to be doing all the work!

Do you clean out your refrigerator before Thanksgiving?