Every single teacher all over the Jersey Shore is getting a big 'thank you' all week long by way of a free breakfast from one of America's biggest fast food chains, and that big thank is a delicious one, too. So get ready for a tasty tribute this week!

McDonald's Earnings Fall Over Mad Cow Scare
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If you are a teacher, school staff or school administrator, you work hard every day , and you deserve something really special. And that recognition is coming in the form of a free breakfast from your friends at McDonald's. All you have to do this week to get a free breakfast is head to the McDonald's drive thru, or walk in with your valid school id.

When you present that ID, you can get a free "Thank You Breakfast"! It's your choice of a Egg McMuffin, a Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit or a Sausage Biscuit , according to USA Today. You'll also get your choice of a beverage. You can get a medium soft drink, iced tea or hot coffee.

And as if that's not enough deliciousness, you'll get free hash browns with your delicious breakfast as well! That's a nice tribute, wouldn't you say?

The offer starts today (10/11/21) and runs through this coming Friday (10/15/21), so enjoy it al week long!

And we want to join in by thanking our teachers for all you do. Thank you teachers for your patience and your dedication to our children each day, and thanks for hanging in there through a difficult couple of  and good luck this school year!

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